Thursday, 17 December 2009

ID cars & Meg Hillier

I can add nothing to Guido’s post on Meg Hillier's failure to have her ID card to hand at a promotion of ID cards, but tee hee anyway. ID cards are one of the most, if not THE most Stalinist idea this scum we call a government has ever come up with. May all its proponents rot in hell for eternity.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Global Warming

So the Great Global Warming lie begins to unravel. On one level I feel vindicated on being a climate change sceptic, but on another there are plenty of other good reasons why all countries should avoid pollution, protect the environment and use energy as efficiently as possible. The AGW debate may be about to enter another chapter before it is proved or disproved (I don’t know the answer and am ready to be convinced) but curtailing waste should remain a compelling ambition. My main hope is that discussions around such policies can begin to take place in a measured and level headed atmosphere with the costs and benefits being properly assessed rather than in the rabid “do it now or we’re all going to die and if you don’t believe me you’re a silly” environment it does at present.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Final Frontier

So the final frontier has opened (again, the Russians opened it a few years ago). For a measly £130k you will soon be able to travel to just outside the earth’s atmosphere viewing the planet in all its glory while simultaneously annoying the green lobby and discovering if it is possible to eat rubber chicken in a weightless environment. I would start saving now but sadly some mad idiot in central government has saddled me with over £40k of debt just so he can pretend he’s saved the world and thereby get re-elected. He now pretends that all will be rosy in a couple of month’s time (it won’t be) while simultaneously taxing me and my bosses so highly that they’re considering jacking it in and retiring to another country. I’m considering moving to another country too, one with more freedoms and a better economic outlook. Now where’s that Zimbabwe tourist leaflet? Or maybe I can book a one way ticket to space for £65k?

Monday, 7 December 2009

Well haven’t posted for some time, mainly due to domestic situations (divorce etc) but finally my patience has snapped and I feel the need to vent spleen in typing.
What the f**k is happening to this country. The Dear Leader seems intent on destroying what is left of our economy by burying it even further in debt and somehow he’s making gains in the opinion polls. His band of fellow cretins increasingly propose partisan or just plain stupid policy in the vain hope that it’ll distract the public from the fact that the government is a disaster – the tragic thing is it seems to be working. WAKE UP BRITAIN.
Advice for DC et al:
1) Don’t pussy foot around regarding spending cuts; the public need to know that things are going to be rough while the economy is sorted out so best get them used to the idea now.
2) There are no services that can’t be cut. Rather than protect the NHS protect defence spending.
3) Don’t get caught up in Brown’s “dividing lines”. They’re there, but most people will be on your side of them. Accept them and proudly show which side you’re on.
4) Forget about Scotland – once you’ve established English votes for English matters that problem will go away. Also promise to reform the Barnett Formula, that’ll be popular, in England anyway.
5) Brown is scared of confrontation (bullies usually are) so confront him at every opportunity. Make plain to the people the lies he tells. Ask the speaker why the PM hasn’t answered a question if he obfuscates.

There, that’ll do for now.

Off to see some lawyers!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Tax free allowances

Just been thinking about the idea of MP’s getting a £23k tax free expense allowance. What an excellent idea. The company I work for could adopt a similar system. Indeed all companies could, thereby reducing internal administration (no receipts required) and making the company more competitive by reducing the employers NI currently paid on salaries. Also, since the allowance would be tax free there could be a cut in those salaries. (Admittedly there would be no increased competiveness against other UK companies if all adopted this system, but there would still be a gain against foreign competitors.)

I know, I’ll drop the treasury an e-mail asking how such a scheme can be set up. I wonder what the response will be.


I’ve sent the below to the Treasury and No 10 Downing St.

"I understand that there is a proposal that MP’s be given a tax free allowance of £23,000 per annum and that no receipts would be required to justify expenditure to this limit. The company for which I work is interested in setting up a similar scheme. Please could you send me details of how such a scheme would operate. Obviously given the principle of equality under the law such a scheme cannot be restricted to MP's alone."

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

God seems to approve

Ever since the results of the Mayoral election were announced London has been enjoying decent, sunny even hot weather. Coincidence? I think not. Surely it's God's way of demonstrating his approval.
How good will the weather be if Cameron gets in?

Oh well, must go and buy some shorts!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

I was wrong - Hurrah

I was wrong, Boris did get the mayoralty, and by a comfortable margin.
I'm delighted for him and for London.